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Pizza di Nonna has been a beloved pizzeria in Grimsby, Ontario for over 10 years. It was founded by Vito, a passionate pizza maker whose Nonna brought the authentic taste of Southern Italy to our beach community.

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Are you ready to order your delicious, freshly made pizza? We have a wide variety of toppings and specialty pies to choose from

Slow Fermentation for Enhanced Taste

Old world cold fermentation refers to the traditional method of fermenting dough at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. This technique is commonly used in European baking, particularly in artisan bread making.

During cold fermentation, the dough is prepared with a combination of flour, water, yeast, and sometimes salt. The dough is then placed in a container and stored in a cool environment, typically in a refrigerator, for several hours.

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Are you ready to order your delicious, freshly made pizza? We have a wide variety of toppings and specialty pies to choose from

We Can't Wait to Share Our Passion for Pizza with You!

In 2022, James and his family proudly embraced the legacy of their predecessors, continuing to craft pizzas with a passion for quality and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our pride in our pizzas is matched only by the caliber of our ingredients, which are among the finest available. We are delighted to feature cheeses imported from Italy, the esteemed Bianco Dinapoli Tomatoes, and select salamis from Venetian Meats on Barton, along with Ezzo Sausage Co. ensures that our offerings are truly second to none.

Community Love

Pizza Di Nonna
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Natalie SpeirsNatalie Speirs
01:06 12 Feb 24
Delicious pizza everytime I order! We are never disappointed and always look forward to new creations like the brisket! Thank you to Takota and James who are always a pleasure to chat with
courtney burtoocourtney burtoo
00:50 12 Feb 24
Love love love this place !!! They really have a diverse verity of foods !!! Tried their chicken sandwich was amazing !!! Hit the spot !! Owner and employees are fast and made my food exactly how I wanted ! Will always order my pizza here and will recommend to all my friends and family ! Keep up the great hospitality and good food !
Zayd AZayd A
23:40 11 Feb 24
juliana ferrazjuliana ferraz
01:56 11 Feb 24
hand written message on the box and the worlds best pizza… what more can you ask for??
Aaron ChetwyndAaron Chetwynd
19:47 10 Feb 24
My new favorite! The sauce is amazing! The crust is delicious! The toppings are phenomenal! Just as good cold Saturday morning. I also love the personal message on each box. I am all about this place! I have to introduce my self because we re going to be seeing alot of each other! There are roughly 22 places in Grimsby to get a pizza and this is my #1 now! No photos never last that long!
Shauna Taylor SmithShauna Taylor Smith
17:38 23 Jan 24
Their pizza and wings are amazing! We can’t get enough of the brisket pizza with hot honey. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating, and it’s a great feeling to walk in for your order and be told how much they truly appreciate your business. We will continue to support local independently owned restaurants who care about their clients and our community!
Justine PilonJustine Pilon
19:16 22 Jan 24
PHENOMENAL! I drove from St. Kitts for this and was not disappointed one bit.As soon as you walk in, the smell makes your mouth water!!We ordered 2 large pizzas and a garlic bread. The one had the cup and char, my friends said it was incredible, sadly I’m allergic to pork so didn’t get to try it.However the second we got all beef halal toppings like the pepperoni, sausage and bacon that they offer. I genuinely can’t describe the flavour other than amazing. My friends who eat pork said they could hardly tell the difference and the flavour was amazing. Sauce they use is fresh and very similar to pizza sauce I’ve had in Italy. Garlic bread, we fought over who got the last slice ? enough said.Over all, genuine small owned business and you can tell the owner puts his all into every order made. We all agree out of every place we’ve tried this is our favourite. 110% will be back!
Bruno SchwenkBruno Schwenk
00:44 11 Jan 24
Best pizza ever! Fluffy tasty crust with an abundance of fresh toppings with a flavour that is out of this world. We had the Texas Honey pizza. We ordered a large and have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow!
Kevin ErbKevin Erb
00:13 25 Nov 23
Sweet aloha! Solid pizza, after re opening featuring some new creative menu items. This slice was a sweet and salty blend that was cooked well.Check these guys out, won’t be disappointed.
Adrienne YAdrienne Y
02:48 11 Nov 23
We have ordered from Di’Nonna many times and the food has been great. However the last 3 times we ordered, our food has been like warm at best. We ordered a pizza and wings combo tonight and placed the order a couple hours ahead of time as they tend to be busy on weekends. We arrived 15 minutes earlier than our time and went in to pay and to my surprise our order was ready. Great! When we got home (2 minute drive) our pizza was cold, barely any cheese and the wings were cold as well.I am not one to complain, however I wanted to give them an opportunity to make things right so I called and expressed my disappointment and asked them to remake my order. They happily agreed and apologized for the order saying they had a big rush earlier and they missed the time for pick up. The 2nd time around was perfect, exactly how it should be. The pizza on the left was from the first order, and then the 2nd one is the re-make.Thank you for making it right.

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